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Pride's Talking


'I just missed you.'


'Yknow, it's seems like I broke up with my boyfriend.'


'Whatever happened between us is so childish.'

'I know. That's why I just let it go.'

'You're happy now, aren't you?'

'Yes, I am. You?'

'At last, you asked.'


She approached me. I may really be so stone-hearted but, I can't let her in again. I can't be a friend anymore now that I'm settled with my new lot. If only she talked to me earlier, we might have revived our friendship. I'm fed up with people telling me I should be the one to make a move coz, in the first place, I wasn't the one who started all of this, I wasn't the one who left. This might be the pride talking but what the hell. Everything I loved about her are the same things I can't stand today. I tried to be civil and all but I just can't pretend that everything's okay. Bitter much, can't help it.


Just a week back to school, a big change has already happened. Life, really, sometimes can be so unpredictable. In my case, those whom I never thought to be my company is now my lot and the one whom I thought to be my somebody is gone.

Vague, it is. What happened before and just after the unfolding of a new decade is really a big question mark for me. WHAT HAPPENED? Maybe it's my fault. Or maybe not. 

Right now, I'm not missing anybody. Maybe distance is good. I mind my own business and you do yours. No hard feelings. Never did I realize that this would happen. But I've no regrets. No blame is pointed to anyone.

I'd rather say I'm not sad. I know things are awkward now and I chose to ignore them. You might think it's cowardly for me to not pay much attention. You surely would think I'm overwhelmed with pride to be this stone-hearted. I don't care.

I was too blind to see past against what you said
about the world. I was too insensitive to feel what's outside your universe. I was too deaf to hear the pleasant music that is waiting to be heard.

Now, I can see brighter, I can feel better and I can hear louder.


In the corner.

Alone with unfinished drink. Rammed with ideas. Tick tock. Occupied.

Involuntarily looked over the counter. You were there. Wasn't planning on looking at you. Coincidence. Stare.  It was, for sure. 4 seconds. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. No blinking. Weird. Totally weird. Locked eyes broke. Looked at the cars passing by outside, instead. Freakin' uneasy, it was. Looked back over the counter. WTF. You're still there. Stare. It's like you know me. But I don't know you.

Distracted. You hit the door. Glanced. Tick-tock.